CBD For Fibromyalgia Safe? and Does it work?

Cbd For Fibromyalgia Safe? And Does It Work?

CBD For Fibromyalgia

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the numerous chemical compounds present in the cannabis plant. Its remarkable medicinal qualities have been gaining attention in many quarters in recent times. Research has shown that it is sufficient for treating a series of diseases. Nonetheless, that does not imply that CBD can cure all ailments. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to find out if CBD for fibromyalgia is plausible.  The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved the medication for the disease. However, many people who have fibromyalgia have claimed to find relief from CBD.

In this guide, we will explore the feasibility of CBD for fibromyalgia. We will discuss reasons CBD may be able to help people battling fibromyalgia. We will not take an armchair approach to the issue but cite evidence from various studies. This article is a complete guide that offers quality information regarding fibromyalgia and the effectiveness of CBD. Take your time to read through to find useful information that can help you and your loved ones.


Fibromyalgia is a disease that has musculoskeletal pain as a trademark. It also often features sleep problems, fatigue, mood issues, and memory loss. Experts believe that this disease makes painful sensations more resounding by altering brain processes of these signals. Fibromyalgia usually starts after surgery, physical trauma, or infection. In some cases, it triggers significant emotional distress. For some people, the symptoms gradually build up over time. For such people, it is difficult to identify the triggering event that led to the disease.

This ailment can be disruptive and hinder performance in daily tasks. It often features widespread pain, which is in the form of a constant dull ache. This pain can last for three months, and it often occurs on both sides of the body. It can also occur above and below the waist. Fibromyalgia often impairs the ability to focus on a task. This cognitive difficulty that accompanies the ailment often makes dealing with fibromyalgia a challenging situation.

According to the Mayo Clinic, women have a higher chance of developing fibromyalgia than men. This disease often involves irritable bowel syndrome, temporomandibular joint disorders, and tension headaches. It can also lead to anxiety and depression. The Mayo Clinic reckons that no medication can cure the illness. Nevertheless, some drugs can help in controlling the symptoms. People suffering from this disease turn to different solutions, and CBD for Fibromyalgia is one of the options. Some people also find relief through relaxation, exercise, and stress-reduction measures.

Is It The Same As Marijuana?

The close relationship between CBD and some other strains of marijuana often complicates its use. Nonetheless, it is not the same as marijuana. So, you do not need to be skeptical about CBD for fibromyalgia. The cannabis plant is also known as marijuana or hemp. CBD is one of the many cannabinoids present in this plant. CBD, in the right dose, provides more enormous medicinal benefits and fewer risks than other cannabinoids. It is more effective and has fewer side effects in comparison to medical marijuana.

CBD is not responsible for the tremendous intoxicating effect of cannabis. This effect is because of another cannabinoid called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is an extract from the cannabis plant that can make you high. However, CBD does not have this kind of effect. Therefore, it is safe for people who want to abstain from marijuana use. People that have a history of allergic reactions to marijuana should also consider it. You can leverage CBD’s medicinal benefits if you are not comfortable with mind-altering substances.

CBD is effective in reducing seizures, and that is why it is recommended for epilepsy. Therefore, the recent surge in the interest in the medication is not surprising. Many epilepsy patients that did not respond to other drugs have found relief through CBD.

Is It Effective?

FibromyalgiaThere is no point in considering CBD for fibromyalgia if it is not active. People suffering from the ailment have reported improvement in sleep and pain. However, it is better to rely on research rather than anecdotal data. The only CBD-based prescription drug that has the approval of the FDA is Epidiolex. Meanwhile, this medication is for epilepsy.

The lack of CBD products approved by the FDA for fibromyalgia makes research challenging. Nonetheless, several studies have been carried out to evaluate the proficiency of CBD for fibromyalgia. Moreover, finding the right dose of CBD is also challenging. Nonetheless, there are enough studies from which you can conclude the effectiveness of the medication.

Earlier Research

In 2009, a study discovered that CBD is effective against neuropathic pain. The authors conclude that cannabinoids like CBD can be beneficial adjuncts to other pain medications. In 2011, a study involving 56 people evaluated the potency of CBD for fibromyalgia. The participants of this research were all women. They were divided into two groups. The first group comprised 28 women who were not cannabis users, while the second group comprised cannabis users. Nonetheless, the second group has varied use of the medication.

After two hours of using the medication, the cannabis users experienced an increase in sleepiness and reduced stiffness. They also experienced reduced stiffness. Besides, the researchers noticed that the second group had slightly better mental health scores than the first group.

CBD For Fibromyalgia: 2019 Israeli study

Recent studies have also shown promising signs regarding the plausibility of CBD for fibromyalgia. In 2019, an Israeli study was carried out over six months to study CBD’s effect on this disease. The participants were predominantly women (82 percent). The participants received counsel from nurses before taking CBD.

The nurses counseled them on dosages, delivery methods, and the 14 cannabis strains used during the study. Initially, all the participants used a low dosage of CBD. The dosages were increased gradually as the study progressed. The participants’ median initial dosage was 670 mg daily. The researchers admitted that the study had limitations. For example, they could not follow up with 70 percent of those involved in the study.

Another limitation of the research is the use of different strains of CBD and THC. So, it was challenging to compare the effects of these strains. Nonetheless, the researchers concluded that CBD for fibromyalgia is effective. According to the authors, CBD is safe because it is a low-risk treatment. The researchers observed that the percentage of participants with a high level of pain dropped drastically. It reduced from 52.5 percent to 7.9 percent at the end of the study.

CBD For Fibromyalgia: Dutch Study (2019)

In 2019, a Dutch study assessed the effect of CBD and THC on 20 women battling fibromyalgia. During the study, the participants each received four variety of cannabis. They received a placebo, 100 mg of Bedrocan, 200 mg of Bedrolite, and 200 mg of Biol. Bedrocan has high amounts of THC and low amounts of CBD. The reverse is the case for bedroll, while both content are high in Biol.

The researchers discovered that those using the placebo variety did not record significant improvement. However, the participants who took Bediol received relief from fibromyalgia symptoms, unlike those who used the placebo variety. The medication brought about a 30 percent reduction of spontaneous pain. Bedrocan also produced a similar effect on the participants.

Judging from the Dutch and Israeli studies, there is enough evidence that CBD for fibromyalgia is a plausible treatment. Therefore, those claiming that CBD helped them control the disease’s symptoms may be telling the truth. Indeed, the potency of CBD for fibromyalgia will become brighter and firmer as research continues. Some of the limitations of the current studies will not emanate in future studies. Until then, there is enough proof that CBD for fibromyalgia is not a farce.

How CBD For Fibromyalgia Works?

CBD is potent against fibromyalgia symptoms. Nonetheless, many researchers do not explain why CBD is capable of treating the ailment. Besides, the medication works for some people, but some people that used it did not see improvements. Nonetheless, some reasonable theories explain the interaction between CBD and fibromyalgia. The ways the substance affects the brain can offer insight into the potency of CBD for fibromyalgia.

CBD may interfere with the nerve pathways that send pain signals between the body and the brain. This interruption can lead to the reduction of pain for fibromyalgia patients using the drug. Besides, CBD has anti-inflammatory properties. This feature leads to the reduction of swelling around injury and heat. So, those who have fibromyalgia may be able to obtain relief from pain.

Some people argue that CBD is not valid unless it is combined with THC. Nonetheless, research has shown that CBD can be used without combining it with THC. In 2016, a study explained that the lack of endocannabinoids might be responsible for chronic pain syndromes. It may also be responsible for fibromyalgia and migraines. Endocannabinoids are neurotransmitters that bind to CBD receptors. So, using CBD for fibromyalgia may fix the deficiency.

How To Use CBD For Fibromyalgia

CBDWhen you buy CBD products, you will find instructions regarding how to go about it. Many websites offer directions. Nonetheless, getting the right CBD dosage is tricky. Research is still ongoing in this regard. Nonetheless, you must consult your doctor before leveraging CBD for fibromyalgia. Your doctor has the expertise on drug interaction and other technical details. So, it is advisable to follow your doctor’s instructions regarding how to use CBD products.

More so, just like any medication, CBD interacts with your body. This interaction can lead to unfavorable reactions in some cases. CBD is a safe treatment because it is a natural extract. Nonetheless, it can produce some side effects. Some people who used CBD have complained of dizziness, dry mouth, nausea, and drowsiness. It can be more complicated, but you can avoid terrible consequences by seeking medical counsel.

CBD can interact with other drugs such as dietary supplements, over-the-counter drugs, and prescription medications. You should avoid prescription medications that warn against the consumption of grapefruit. CBD may disrupt an enzyme called cytochrome P450 complex, thereby affecting the liver’s ability to break down toxins.

The Legality of CBD For Fibromyalgia

The biggest challenge to leveraging CBD for fibromyalgia is the hazy nature of CBD’s legality. CBD’s legality has complications because of its relationship with THC. On the federal level, CBD is legal. However, it is not the same in every state. Based on the federal government regulations, CBD products that have less than 0.03 THC content are legal. Nonetheless, it may not be like that in your state. So, it is critical to be conversant with your state’s CBD laws.

Apart from CBD’s legality, another core issue is labeling. Note that the FDA has not approved any CBD-based nonprescription products. So, buying top-quality products can be tricky. Many products out there do not contain the same CBD content as what you have on the label. So, the chances of buying inferior quality products are high. Meanwhile, CBD potency depends on the content. Therefore, when you purchase a product with a low amount, you cannot experience CBD’s famous therapeutic effects.

Ensure that you contact a reputable dispensary that has third-party testing before buying a product. Third-party lab reports unveil the exact quantity of CBD in a product. You can make things easier by reading customer reviews. You can detect companies with questionable transparency and credibility through this method.

CBD For Fibromyalgia: Summary And Takeaway

Battling fibromyalgia is not a palatable experience for anyone. The good news is that there are medications that can help against its symptoms. CBD is one of such treatments, and research has established its potency. Nonetheless, you should not use the drug to treat the disease without informing your doctor. Besides, you should be conversant with its legality in your state. Do not stop striving to explore opportunities to improve your health.

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