Cbd Oil Teeth Benefits For Better Dental

CBD Oil Teeth Benefits for Better Dental

CBD oil teeth solution is increasing in popularity as a treatment for dental problems, such as periodontitis. This condition is an inflammation due to infection of the bones and ligaments supporting the dental structure. Periodontitis is also known as tooth decay, and it is the second most prevalent teeth disease.

Periodontitis can be painful, and plaque formation can aggravate it, leading to your teeth falling out. Many people are getting relief from this teeth disease through CBD oil teeth solution. In this article, we will explore the validity of such claims and other relevant issues.

CBD Oil Teeth: How Does It Work?

The healing effects of cannabinoids make CBD oil teeth solution a viable treatment. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties due to its ability to bind to the endocannabinoid system’s (ECS) receptors. Moreover, persistent inflammation is a symptom of periodontitis. Therefore, you will be able to find relief from this condition by using CBD.

More so, research has proven that CBD is an effective analgesic that reduces pain. So, your chances of improving your condition with this substance are promising. Besides, cannabis has antibacterial and antiseptic effects. Interestingly, resistant strains of bacteria do not affect CBD. So, it efficiently inhibits their growth and prevents their spread. Additionally, it does not just protect your teeth against decay; it also secures the structural integrity of the jaw bone.

CBD Oil Teeth Treatment As A Powerful Analgesic

Periodontal diseases, including gingivitis, often begin with a bacterial infection, which causes persistent inflammation. The inflammation eventually leads to tissue damage and bone resorption. The bacteria that inhabit plagues invade the periodontium to loosen the teeth, cause chronic inflammation, and destroy the gum. This ailment makes the gum recede due to tissue loss as it progresses. Eventually, small pockets will form between the teeth and gum.

More so, these pockets can be harmful because they harbor several harmful bacteria. They also lead to bruising of the gums during brushing, chewing, or flossing. Besides, they are responsible for the pain you feel and bleeding that accompanies it. To relieve the pain, doctors prescribe analgesics that can provide relief and anti-inflammatory drugs, like ibuprofen. Paracetamols also help periodontitis patients in case of sensitivities to reduce pain intensity. Nonetheless, analgesics that can treat the disease are the best option.

CBD, alongside THC, have come into prominence because they are phytocannabinoids that can reduce inflammatory tissue damage. Additionally, CBD is famous for its ability to relieve pain. A study in 2017 examined the impact of CBD and THC on pain management. The results showed that THC and CBD-based vaporizers provide immediate relief to people suffering from excessive pain. THC and CBD mediate the pain-sensitive nerve endings to affect the sensation and reduce pain.

Research On CBD Oil Teeth Solution For Inflammation

CBD TeethInflammation is an immune response to signs that shows the presence of infection. It leads to an increase in the accumulation of leukocytes and fluids at the infection’s site. Usually, inflammations are positive because they reflect an active immune system. Nonetheless, complications can arise such that the response remains even when you do not have an infection. Some specific strains of bacteria are linked to periodontal diseases’ pathogenesis. They form biofilms or ecological complexes that result in inflammatory responses.

In the case of a compromised periodontium, the inflammatory condition persists due to the microbes suppressing the host response. This action leads to tissue damage. Moreover, studies have confirmed the effectiveness of CBD oil teeth solution in inflammation reduction and dental health improvement. Antibiotics have widespread use in suppressing periodontal pathogens’ build-up. However, excessive use can result in resistance, thereby nullifying these medications’ efficacy. So, CBD is a better option because these pathogens cannot build resistance against it.

A 2011 review at the University of Mississippi Medical Center demonstrated CBD’s potency against chronic inflammation. The study revealed that periodontitis patients might find relief from inflammation by leveraging CBD oil teeth treatment. The researchers explained that CBD’s immune response modulation ability is due to the activities of cannabinoid receptors. They affect the actions of macrophages, natural killer cells, and B cells. These receptors mediate the immune cell’s activities that cause inflammation when CBD binds to them. So, it makes perfect sense that CBD-based treatments will help against periodontal ailments.

Studies On Treatment Acting As Antibiotics

Research has linked periodontitis to bacterial growth. Studies in the 1980s showed that Gram-negative bacteria are the significant microbes in areas affected by this ailment. These microorganisms are the primary pathogens that bind to form biofilms. Besides, recent studies have proven that periodontitis patients have specific bacteria subtypes and abnormal inflammatory responses in their periodontium. Tannerella forsythia, Porphyromonas gingivalis, Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans, and Treponema denticola are the most common species their gums and adjoining tissues. Therefore, a medication that has antibacterial properties will be useful against this disease.

  1. gingivalis, the ‘keystone’ pathogen, change the microflora to support pathogenesis and suppresses the host response. These actions are the reason bacteria thrive after the formation of biofilms. P.gingivalis often blocks the host receptors in particular inaccessible mouth corners, thereby weakening the immune system. Also, the enhancement of biofilm formation in such areas leads to plaque deposition, which supports benign microbes’ growth. More harmful microbes will aggravate the inflammatory response, thereby causing tissue damage. The most prevalent drugs used for treating periodontitis include doxycycline, tetracyclines, and ciprofloxacin. A combination of amoxicillin-clavulanate potassium is also commonly used.

Nonetheless, dealing with P. gingivitis can be tricky because it tends to resist antibiotics. So, alternative treatment such as CBD oil teeth solution is a more viable option. In 2008, a study investigated the role of several cannabinoids in inhibiting bacteria growth. This research was carried out by the Università del Piemonte Orientale. The result demonstrated that several cannabinoids, including CBD, acted as antibiotics.

Interestingly, they were effective against resistant strains. Therefore, CBD oil teeth treatment has great potential in handling periodontitis triggered by bacteria. CBD is a broad-spectrum antibiotic that is potent against a plethora of pathogens. Thus, it can be useful when treating periodontal infections.

Research Treatment’s Ability To Protect The Jawbone

Chronic and aggressive periodontitis often leads to the loss of jaw bone. Besides, periodontal inflammation leads to biofilms expansion and the indiscriminate growth of pathogenic bacteria. This bacterial activity causes decays in the underlying jawbone. In the long run, these decays can severely injure the periodontal ligaments connecting the bone to the teeth. Moreover, bone loss can lead to the loss of multiple teeth that are not replaceable. So, periodontitis can ruin your teeth’s structural integrity.

You can lose almost 25% of your jawbone after the first tooth extraction. This loss often occurs in the bone supporting and surrounding the teeth, called the alveolar bone. The bone maintains the hollows and ridges in the bone within which the teeth are embedded. When you lose the atrophy of the alveolar bone and teeth, the ridges will shrink both horizontally and vertically. The partial or full replacement of dentures offers a temporary solution to chewing. Nonetheless, it does not provide a long-term solution due to the pressure they exert on the jaw bone. The pressure is not as intense as the natural teeth, thereby making them struggle to help maintain the dental structure.

CBD oil teeth solution is better than dentures because it protects the jaw bone, thereby aiding its structural integrity. A study in 2009 explored cannabinoids’ effectiveness in the treatment of bone loss. This study was conducted at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The result of the study showed that CBD and THC play crucial roles in reversing jaw bone loss. It activates the CB2 receptors of the ECS to have this impact. This receptor prevents the bone from being reabsorbed, thereby promoting bones’ integrity.

Solution As An Antiseptic

TeethAs mentioned earlier, the pathogenesis of P. gingivalis and A. actinomycetemcomitans plays a vital role in periodontitis. They trigger an abnormal inflammatory response that makes the gum recede and create pockets that house bacteria. In the absence of early intervention, the infection can spread to adjoining tissues, especially the ligaments supporting the teeth. Moreover, bacterial form colonies in the subgingival spaces, which causes the spread of infection further. In the long run, the spreading will lead to the trigger of a severe immune response.

In most cases, doctors prescribe and administer antibiotics to prevent microbial growth. However, antibiotic strains make some of these efforts prove to be abortive. Besides, the pockets between the teeth and gum serve as a breeding ground for anaerobic bacteria. They invade the gap to make medical therapies ineffective. So, medications with antiseptic compounds that can prevent infection are the best options. A study carried out by the University of London in 2008 showed that CBD has antibacterial properties.

A study in 2010 gave more clarification regarding the potency of CBD’s antibacterial qualities. The researches explained that CBD reverses oxidative stress and also prevents the spread of infection. These studies imply that CBD can act as an antiseptic to inhibit pathogenic bacteria’s growth. You can use them to check the activities of microbes spreading infection in tissues surrounding your teeth.

Dosage Of Solution

Your best bet when it comes to leveraging CBD oil teeth treatment is speaking to a medical professional. Note that the dosage of a product depends on the mode of delivery. You can orally ingest some products, while you can inhale some by a vaporizer. There is no correct dose for using CBD oil teeth treatment for periodontitis because the application is mainly topical. You are adding three to four drops to your toothpaste before brushing is enough.

You can also consider mixing four to five drops in a cup of warm water. Then use the mixture to wash your mouth without ingesting it. If you are experiencing excess plaque formation, apply one to two drops on your gums. Moreover, one to two puffs of vaporizers is sufficient to have the desired therapeutic effect.

Side Effects Of CBD Oil Teeth Treatment

CBD is famous for its ability to combine efficacy with minimal side effects. Nevertheless, you should not throw caution to the wind when leveraging CBD oil teeth solutions. Moreover, CBD-based ingestible products and oral doses can work without complications for as long as six months. Research has confirmed that doses as high as 1500mg will not harm you for three months. The side effects of CBD are linked to its THC content. Most CBD products have negligible to moderate THC amounts.

THC is also an extract from the cannabis plant, just like CBD. It has healing abilities but can also cause hallucinations because of its intoxicative properties. So, it is not legal in the US. Nonetheless, THC content is present in most CBD products. The federal government permits 0.03% of this substance in CBD-based products. Thus, you may experience some adverse side effects when you take a high dose of these products.

Furthermore, CBD interacts with cytochrome P450, which are liver enzymes. These enzymes are involved in metabolizing drugs. Therefore, they can affect the efficacy of CBD oil teeth treatments. A CBD-based medication containing excess THC can make you experience dizziness, nausea, disorientation, and fatigue. They can also lead to paranoia and impair your balance.

In some cases, you may experience an increased heart rate for a short period. If you are a lactating mother, you should not neglect the side effects of these products. Hence, talk to your gynecologist before using them.

Final Thoughts

You can improve your condition if you are battling periodontitis by taking advantage of CBD oil teeth solution. This treatment has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities. Besides, it is a potent analgesic. Therefore, CBD has all it takes to relieve you of pain from this disease. It can also protect your jawbone, thereby maintaining its structural integrity. CBD can improve your health as a periodontitis patient. Nonetheless, you should discuss it with your doctor before using it.


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