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Cannabis May Reduce Deadly COVID-19 Lung Inflammation: Researchers Explain Why

As COVID-19 cases continue to rise, researchers have started to look for solutions in an unlikely place – the cannabis plant. Cannabis’ active compounds have …

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Base Ingredients For Cbd Salves

Base Ingredients for CBD Salves

Salves are infused ointments that promote skin healing and protection. They can be used for pain relief and overall wellness. It’s fairly easy to make …

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I Used Cbd Tampons To Try To Cure My Period Cramps

I Used CBD Tampons To Try To Cure My Period Cramps

Cramping. Bloating. Fatigue. These are just some of the many side effects we endure when our period pays us a visit each and every month. …

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The Truth About Cbd And Its Potential Health Benefits

The Truth About CBD and Its Potential Health Benefits

The latest buzz term – ironically, without the buzz – making waves in the world of beauty and wellness is CBD. To get to the …

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Cannabinoids, Including Cbd, May Interact With Prescribed Drugs

Cannabinoids, including CBD, may interact with prescribed drugs

Researchers have published a list of 57 medications that may interact with cannabinoid products, including cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD) oil. The list includes commonly prescribed …

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CBD Scalp Therapy

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil has not only been studied for its effects on seizures, pain, inflammation, anxiety, and sleep but it has also been assessed for …

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Using Cannabidiol Gel To Treat Fragile X Syndrome

Using Cannabidiol Gel to Treat Fragile X Syndrome

While many people benefit from the use of topical cannabis for skin conditions or arthritis, children with a rare genetic condition may also soon receive …

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Cbd & Testosterone: Everything You Need To Know!

CBD & Testosterone: Everything You Need to Know!

Ever since CBD became legal in the United States, the scientific fraternity, as well as the common man, have benefited from this nature’s treasure trove. …

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Women & Cannabis: A Quick Guide

Women & Cannabis: A Quick Guide

The herb cannabis originated from the Asian subcontinent but today enjoys worldwide recognition. The plant can provide both a euphoric state and promote health with …

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How To Spot Fake Cbd Brands

How to spot fake CBD brands

Cannabidiol — the wonder supplement of the decade — has many consumers due to its popularity as a wellness and health-related supplement. Its immense benefits in …

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Cannabis & Cardiovascular Health: A Statement From The American Heart Association

Cannabis & Cardiovascular Health: A Statement from The American Heart Association

Cannabis safety has been a subject of contention among pro- and anti-cannabis factions. Most recently, cannabis use and cardiovascular risk has been on the radar. …

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How Exercise Affects the ECS

If you work out regularly, you have likely experienced a “runner’s high”–that feeling of euphoria combined with reduced anxiety and pain. Although this is an …

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